Qita / Severed


مير تقی میر

کیا بود و باش پوچھو ہو پورب کے ساکنو
ہم کو غریب جان کے ہنس ہنس پکار کے
دتی جو اک شہر تھا عالم میں انتخاب
رہتے تھے جہاں منتخب ہی روزگار کے
اس کو فلک نے لوٹ کر ویران کردیا
ہم رہنے والے ہیں اسی اجڑے دیار کے


written by Mir Taqi Mir | tr. by Tejas Gupta

O residents of the East, of what whereabouts do you ask?
Knowing that we are paupers, why mock us?
Delhi, which was once the World’s chosen city,
where only the Time’s chosen few lived,
how it was looted and razed by the fateful skies,
We are what’s left of that city, now just ruined soil.

(transcription above may be incorrect, see image below)

Direct transliteration of Urdu:

Kya bood-o-baash poochko ho poorav ke saakino,
Hum kko gharib jaan ke hans hans pukar ke
Delhi jo ek shahr tha aalam mein intekhab,
Rahte the muntekhib hi jahan rozgaar ke,
Us ko falak ne loot kar weeran kar diya
Hum rahne wale hain usi ujre dayaar ke.

Direct translation of Urdu:

Of what whereabouts do you ask, oh residents of the East,
Understanding us as poor, why laugh at us?
Delhi, which was one city considered the chosen by the World,
Where only those of chosen in the age lived,
Which was looted and deserted by the fateful skies,
We are the ones who live in that city, now ruined/deserted land/soil.

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