What I'm Thankful For: Friends

Today, I was chatting with one of my best friends, and I asked him about his New Year’s resolutions, and together, we went through the different facets of my life to discuss what we thought we can improve on. When we got to the social sphere, after a bit of reflection, I realized that I feel very fulfilled with the friends that I had. I’m very grateful to have the people in my life that care about me and that always have my back. I can imagine not everyone in others’s lives are like that. The difficulties of 2020 made me appreciate my friends even more. I, of course, will continue to make more friends as this year progresses, but I wanted to say that I love the friends I have right now.

If any of you are reading this right now (you know who you are), know that I appreciate you (and text me that you read this lol)

Tejas Gupta

New York City, USA
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Tejas Gupta is a Princeton University student in the Department of Computer Science. He is currently studying at ETH Zürich.