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Follow Me On Spotify Stalk My Record Collection Anyone who knows me knows that I love making playlists. (I even made a whole iOS app about sharing music.) Here are some of my favorites: Ethereal: For when you want to feel like the skin on your bones is tingling and vibrating until you start floating: [rnb] [rap] [alt] Raw: For when you wake up before sunrise in the bed alone: [acoustic] [alt]

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References for Name Assimilation in Asian Americans

Abramitzky, Ran, et al. “Do Immigrants Assimilate More Slowly Today than in the Past?” American Economic Review. Insights, vol. 2, no. 1, Mar. 2020, pp. 125–41. PubMed Central,\ Adida, Claire L., et al. “Identifying Barriers to Muslim Integration in France.” Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, vol. 107, no. 52, Dec. 2010, pp. 22384–90. (Crossref),\ Auspurg, Katrin, et al. “Contexts and Conditions of Ethnic Discrimination: Evidence from a Field Experiment in a German Housing Market.

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Tejas Gupta is a Princeton University student in the Department of Computer Science.