Anyone who knows me knows that I love making playlists. Here are some of my favorites:

The Best | Rock | Pop | Hip Hop | Electronic


Ethereal: For when you want to feel like the skin on your bones is tingling and vibrating until you start floating: [rnb] [rap] [alt]

Highs and Lows: Caused me to get dangerously close to some life reversions–you’ve been warned: [rnb]

Raw: For when you wake up before sunrise in the bed alone: [acoustic] [alt]

Circle: a bit of everything [indie] and [alternative]:

Feeling: for when you want to really feel it [rock] (inspired by the finale of The Americans)

Sapphos: she’s from Lesbos literally: [pop]

Girl: Something about channeling that divine feminine energy: [pop] [rap]


Postie: He’s gotten me through more than most: [pop] [rap]

Picnic: for when you’re lying up and looking at the clouds: [pop]

Japan: My brief foray into City Pop: [japan] [pop] [chill]


Crunchy: There’s nothing quite like ’90s NYC Rap: [nyc] [rap] [old school]

BOOM: MF DOOM and more: [rap]

Vibes: = Nujabes [alt] [rap] [jazz]

Boiling: Every one of these tracks have to get you up: [rap]


Bass: For when you just need to be absorbed into a subwoofer: [anger] [bass] [psytrance] [hardstyle]

Brus: been obsessed with da haus muzic since 8th grade American History: [techno house]

Bayside: It’s time for you fell in love with something that will love you back! and that’s [house] music

DJ: imagine you’re on a rooftop and vibes [house]

Hole: just a dump of a lot of [techno]

Speed: I imagine these would go hard riding a motorcycle thru a long tunnel: [phonk]


Twang: my extension of Grunge [grunge] [rock] [metal]

Temper: The combination of [punk], [drill], and a bit of self-awareness: [metal] [rock]

Dad: thanks for putting me on your music: [rock] [classic] [oldies]

Merry: My half of my best Christmas’ playlist: [oldies]

Stupified: my ode to The Library: [rock] [alt]

Groovie: these just make you want to dance [oldies] [disco]

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New York City, USA
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Tejas Gupta is a Princeton University student in the Department of Computer Science.